PUAEME005 Provide pain management

This course provides the skills and knowledge required to administer restricted analgesics to provide pain management as part of a medically supervised first responder organisation. It includes identifying the need for analgesia; accessing, preparing and administering restricted pain relief and aspiring according to medically endorsed protocols; performing casualty handovers and completing analgesic use requirements.

The course is suitable for personnel from or learners wishes to be employed in emergency services, volunteer organisations or organisation that provide a medically supervised first aid service.

Licensing requirements for the storage and administration of drugs may apply.


Course information:

  • Must hold HLTAID003 Provide first aid


Award issued:

  • participants who are deemed competent upon completing all the course requirements (theory and practical assessments) will receive a Statement of Attainment in:

    • PUAEME005 Provide pain management


Course requirements:

  • all participants must have a moderate level of English to be able to complete the course

  • all participants must hold HLTAID003 Provide First Aid


Course duration: Online + face-to-face


Assessment requirements:  

Participants will be provided with an assessment workbook which contains the theory assessments and details of the practical assessments.

  • the theory assessment consists of multiple-choice quizzes

  • the practical assessment consists of practical exercises, workplace-based scenarios

  • Topics included in the assessments:

    • Preparing appropriate dosage of analgesic (include checking contraindications and precautions)

    • Apply WHS requirements

    • Display good communication skills

    • Follow medically endorsed protocols, and comply with legislation

    • Monitor casualty

    • Demonstrate effective handover

    • Secure analgesic drugs in storage facility

    • Organisational documentation, policies and procedures

    • Manufacturers’ guidelines

    • Principles of casualty pain assessment and management


Essential outcomes:

  • Identify need for analgesia

  • Assess and prepare analgesic

  • Administer analgesic

  • Perform casualty handover

  • Complete analgesic use requirements